Thursday, August 07, 2008

Professor Layton and the Curious Village: murderous puzzles

Some of the puzzles are a little harder now, particularly one where I had to try to decypher a code which turned out to be based on the layout of keys on a keyboard. What threw me is that one of the hints I bought seemed to indicate that it should be based on a texting keypad (as used on phones). I've not bought many hints though, so no idea if they're all as useless.

The puzzles vary in difficulty, and the amount you score depends on how difficult they are. If you get it wrong, then the total you can earn falls (again, the amount by which it fals depends on difficulty). I'd getting the vast majority of puzzles first time, though, which is very reassuring.

As for the story - well, someone's been murdered and there's an arrogant detective overseeing the investigation. It amuses me the way that puzzles are thrown at you pretty randomly by some people - you're told to go to the inn immediately, but "before you go, try to solve this ..."

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