Saturday, September 06, 2008

Crackdown: to the max

During our online games night on Thursday, while we were waiting for John to turn up, Kieron suggested we have a quick go of Crackdown. I've not played it for ages, but it's a great game and we were quickly causing havoc. I got the agency supercar and was driving around the roads launching cars into the air. Great fun.

I played some more today, finally maxing out my driving stat so that I'm now a fully upgraded super person. I enjoyed myself so much that I went and bought the extra content, and had a great time driving the buggy around, doing tricks. I managed to do all the tricks needed for the stunt driver achievement, but I still need to work out some way of keeping my car in the air for six seconds ...

I also found a couple more agility orbs and a smattering of hidden orbs. I've got 8 agility left to find, and 81 hidden. I'm now hearing the orb pulsing noises again.

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