Thursday, September 18, 2008

Elite Beat Agents: Jack Flash isn't Jumpin'

EBA is a rhythm action game, where you have to tap circles on the touch screen in time to the music. It's a sequel of sorts to Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, but it's fully localised using western pop music and storylines. Well, the storylines are a bit odd, but not as odd as Japanese ones often are.

I bought this ages and ages ago, but only ever played half of it before playing something else. As a DS game, see, it's at a massive disadvantage in needing the sound to be heard. I normally play DS games with the sound off, on the train without headphones. It's only that I'm in a hotel room that I've been able to put the time in to play it properly.

I was playing on "Breezin'", the easiest difficulty, and managed to get all the way to the last song on my first go. But Jumpin' Jack Flash is rather hard, espcially the last segment which shows sequences of 14 notes that you have to hit. Ouch. After seven attempts I finally got to the end, with a bit of a poor score but enough to see the end sequence. All the characters from the rest of the game came to cheer me. Hooray.

I'll try on a harder difficulty now ... I can't call it completed when it's only done on easy!


deKay said...

I was thinking, yeah, that bit was hard. Then you said it was on easy, and I was all like WTF? OMGBBQ? As easy is, well, easy. Even the end.

Tim said...

Aye aye. Whas can me say, me obvisly need t'pracice. But avast, therev also sed heed bin havin' problems, so I donn feel like a real bilge rat.

begedinnikola said...

i see someone is celebrating the "talk like a pirate day". anyway, at first go, even easy isn't that easy. you will hovewer notice, how easy easy will be after you finish cruisin'. i'm at sweatin' right now.