Thursday, October 31, 2013

DLC Quest - Live Freemium or Die: completed!

I started this a while ago, but unwisely didn't complete it at the time.  While waiting for The Typing of the Dead Overkill to download, I had to rediscover the whole map, talk to everyone again, and spend ages wandering around trying to find out my current objective.

Live Freemium isn't as biting a satire as the first game (not that that was particularly vicious anyway), but instead looks to send up many aspects of gaming culture.  The comedian simply parrots out lines from games; towards the end of the came there's a collectathon fetch quest just to get hold of a certain item; the most difficult enemies are zombies.  As with the first game, the primary objective is to collect coins in order to buy new abilities or optional random stuff.  I was amused by the high-def pack, which turned everything brown, and the DLC NPC, which just generated a new character called "DLC MAN" who complained that he couldn't have a central role to the plot since he was an optional extra.

Again, the writing was clever and funny.

I'm guessing this wasn't the same shepherd that I killed at the end of the first game.  Or maybe it was, and I'm the baddie ...

The village elder was senile.

This was another of my favourite DLC packs.  Many games are being patched in this way now, which is incredibly annoying for those of us with monthly bandwidth caps ...

I was surprised there wasn't a DLC pack to restore the colour here.

This one annoyed me a bit.  It made the text more annoying to read and I couldn't find a way of turning it off.

There's a whole area which is missing until you unlock it via DLC.

My heart fell at this point.  Yes, collecting flags is funny since it shows the pointlessness of the original Assassin's Creed achievements, but do I really have to fetch so many?

Yes, it turns out, but they're all in one box.

Battling against the wind and snow reminded me of the last part of Journey.

Again, annoyingly this couldn't be turned off once applied.

And it turns out the shopkeeper is the overall baddie ...

... who sells you the swords to kill him with.

To buy the swords, you have to collect coins that he throws out, while avoiding other rubbish.  I found that by standing on the far right, nothing could hurt me and I could just pop out to pick up coins when he stopped throwing.

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