Monday, February 17, 2014

Wii Fit U: unexpectedly good news

Installing Wii Fit U, the game found my old Wii Fit save historic and imported my historic data.  It only imported one score (the top one) for each of the minigames, but that's better than nothing.

On my first try, back in November, it told me that I had a Wii Fit age of 29.  Since then I've played the game from time to time, and it's hovered around 25.  This is very good news, given that I'm 36.  Even better news is that according to the historic data, I'm now at my lowest weight since 2008.

This surprises me, particularly since I ran the London Marathon in 2008.  I would be the first to admit that I've let myself go a little since then.  Still, as long as I ignore the idea that it might be caused by the balance board being used on carpet now, when it was previously on a wooden floor, it means I can eat more chocolate.  Hoorah.

The introduction of the Wii Fit Meter changes things considerably.  I wore the pedometer for Walk With Me for months, eventually stopping simply because it was too much hassle having to constantly find the game cart and put it in my DS.  With this, the game is always on the Wii U and it takes about five minutes to download the data from the device, as well as do the fitness test.

So I get to see how many calories I've burnt off from simply walking.  It's not that many.

In fairness, this wasn't taking into account the fact that I took Nicholas swimming for thirty minutes (the WFM's not waterproof), but going by this I should be ballooning.

Time to burn some calories doing games, then.  The ski jump is as good as it's always been, though I'm nowhere near my old best scores.  I need to be going at least 60mph by the bottom of the ramp.

The second screen's used really well in many of these games - but I do need to find my stand, since it's not ideal with it being balanced in front of the TV.

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Malcolm Parsons said...

899 kcal is more than my daily goal.