Friday, February 28, 2014

Surgeon Simulator 2013: it's completely impossible!

I believe it's supposed to be impossible to control, but I was surprised just how difficult it is.  It's not helped with my fingers constantly getting caught under ribs and in the bars of the table.

I have completely failed to get anywhere in this.  I just about managed to break open the rib cage in order to get to the heart, and managed to pull out a lung, but that quickly fell on the floor alongside the hammer and scalpels, and I managed to stab myself with one of the syringes meaning that my vision went all woozy.

The second time I played it I did a little better, until I accidentally cut the patient's windpipe.

I can't see me ever getting off the first stage of this.  However, I did somehow manage to get the video into the VCR on the receptionist's desk, and so was able to attempt an extreme heart transplant on the heavy from Team Fortress 2.  No windpipe made this a bit easier.

Not much easier, though, and then my hand got stuck in the table and I couldn't wiggle it out.

I don't think I'm cut out to be a surgeon.

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