Friday, May 16, 2008

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney: what a state

Phoenix, what happened? You look a complete state! And yet seven years later you've got far more confidence than you ever had as a defence attorney. Nice sting operation, too.

Apollo's a bit of a wet blanket at the moment, but so was Phoenix at the start of the first game. I'm looking forward to finding out what happened seven years previous, which meant that Phoenix lost his attorney badge. For now, though, I've just finished the first case, and it was lovely and concise, with some great DS features included - examining bottles, moving cupboards, and so on.

But Phoenix has a daughter?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wii Fit: tentative steps

I've had a few goes on this now, but given the hassle of setting up the Wii and the lack of available TV, I'm putting off the daily exercise regime until I've moved into my new flat. For now, though, I'm impressed. The exercises I've tried do seem to give a good workout, and some of the aerobic games are good fun - though heading the footballs can get rather tricky.

Plus it gave me a Wii Fit age of 26 when I tried it at John's, so I won't hear a bad thing about it.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Geometry Wars Galaxies: completed!

At least, I've now got a silver medal (at least) on all stages on all galaxies, with the exception of the last galaxy for which I need to link up the DS game to the Wii game. That'll have to wait.

Some of the later levels in the game were really inventive, although there seemed to be a tendency to make the game harder by simply throwing more enemies around, and upping the score requirements to allow for the fact that multipliers shot up much quicker. This made some of the levels a little bit too dependent on luck, with some attempts finishing after scores in the low thousands.

I've gone straight back to the start trying for golds, and it's pleasing to see how I'm able to obtain these whereas I wasn't before. I got a stonking score for the last of the α levels (over 50 million, whereas the requirement for gold was just 5 million). What is clever though is the way the game becomes progressively harder as your score increases, meaning that the earlier levels still retain a challenge, especially to make a dent on the online leaderboards. For example, my 50 million pales in comparison to the current world best of 17,000 million ...

The last time I completed a game with silvers and started to try for golds was PGR2. Evidently Bizzare knows something about putting goals just within reach ...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Scene It! Lights Camera Action: I am the champion

While at John's, we played Scene It! In teams of two. I was teamed with John, and we played using my gamertag. I'm very pleased we did; I got loads of gamerpoints for winning the game, for getting 100% right in a number of rounds, and generally for being brill.

Of course, it was all down to me, nothing to do with John's vast film knowledge ...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations: completed!

I was very near the end indeed. Three more questions (the last of which gave me quite a lot of trouble working to what to present) and it's over. Mostly a happy ending too!

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations: Maya, Mia, Misty, Morgan ... and Pearl

Morgan called her kids Dahlia, Iris, and Pearl. How daft. It's obvious that the Master has to have a name that starts with an M.

I must be near the end of this now, surely. I played through the fourth case, which was a retrospective of Mia's first ever case - and I saw that Godot used to be Diego. The hair and waistcoat gave it away. Now I've played through the first day of the last trial as Edgeworth, then carried on as Phoenix, and it's all a little far-fetched at times. Some of the needing to present at exactly the right time is annoying too. I wanted to present the weather report when they said it was snowing, but instead I had to present it when they talked about the time instead. Huh.

Almost everything is solved now. I know who killed Misty, I know who else was there, and I know what that other person saw. Just to prove it. Hopefully I can finish this tonight ...