Friday, May 19, 2006

Black: Graznei Bridge

A first person shooter with configurable controls.

This is level seven, I think. I may have been wrong with some of my previous level numbering. At some point I'll have a bit of a study of a game guide and work out which level was which.

Anyway, this has been the best level of the game so far. It's all played out over the length of a half-ruined bridge, with you haveing to go down onto the struts at times, and onto the gantries at others. For something so linear they've made it really exciting and difficult to progress. But possibly the best bit about the level was the fact that it was really hard but achievable on the first run through (on normal difficulty). As long as you thought strategically, tried to be on a different level to the enemy, and kept an eye out ahead, you could often take out half the enemies before they'd seen you.

Having two (indestructable) team mates helped as well!

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