Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Black: Spetriniv Gulag

Level 8. It's very, very hard. After half an hour.

I've got the first part of the level down pat now. I've found the silencer for my sub-machine gun. I know where the shotguns are, how to get around the maze of buildings, and where the two RPG men are standing. I can fight my way all the way to the square with the star column, and then loads of enemies appear. Shotguns, men with shields and magnums, twenty ordinary enemies, and a proper machine gun in the bunker ... it's not fair.

I'm dying before I hit any checkpoints. Surely I must be near the end. I can't be only a third of the way through ...


Anonymous said...

you smell!

Anonymous said...

seriously bro, i just beat it. trust me you are only a third of the way. i would compare the difficulty of the last bit to someone who is meant to go to hell, and while in hell, trying to get to heaven. holy shit. it took me an hour and a half