Saturday, May 27, 2006

Games Night 3227

I went to my friend Kieron's for a games night last night. Since I've got most of my stuff still packed up, we weren't able to play Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (since I've got the memory card with the save on it), nor Zelda: Four Swords (since I've got the game).

So, instead we played:
  • Conflict: Desert Storm 2. We've got rubbish at this in the year since we last played it. It doesn't help that we've been spoiled by having a whole TV to ourselves when playing over Live. Playing splitscreen, it's pretty difficult to make out where the enemy are. The first couple of times we played it, we did quite well until Kieron ran into a minefield. The same minefield. Twice. We've left it with a save halfway through the level just before a tank which keeps on killing us.
  • Donkey Konga 2. The William Tell Overture is genius.
  • Project Gotham Racing 2. John's definitely improved at this since last time I played him on Live. However, here it didn't help that Kieron kept driving into him. I'm not sure it was on purpose - Kieron can't even aim for a 50-foot wide gap between two walls, let alone another car.
  • Animal Crossing. We visited Bangaio and then Far Away. Kieron would have bought up all of Nook's stock if it wasn't past 11 by then.
Odd how two of the games we played we could have played online anyway ...

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John said...

I've got a copy of Zelda: Four Swords but it's no use if we don't all have a GBA to play it.