Thursday, May 18, 2006

Far Cry Instincts: retarded controls

There is one thing that makes me angry in gaming. I think, indeed, there is only one thing. And that is this: non-configurable controls.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but the first first-person shooter I seriously played on a console was Quake 3 on the Dreamcast. There's only one analogue stick on a Dreamcast controller, so it's necessary to put 'look' on that stick and 'move' on the other. It's more important to be able to aim with the analogue stick.

This control setup was best on Goldeneye too. Look with the analogue stick, move with the C buttons, meaning that you were also able to use A and B plus two shoulder buttons. Perfect Dark also required it.

So, look on the left, move on the right.

I don't mind if people prefer it the other way around. In some ways it might make more sense - your right hand might be more accurate (if you're right handed), so aiming could work well there. But I'm well entrenched into the left-look-right-move camp, and I really can't get used to the other control method. But it's not really a problem; it's hardly difficult for developers to just let people choose which stick should be used for which action.

So why the fuck don't they do it? I struggled with XIII for a week before giving up. They've removed the control scheme I liked in Confict: Desert Storm and Conflict: Desert Storm 2 and Conflict: Vietnam for the latest in the series (Conflict: Global Strike). And now Far Cry Instincts continues the retardedness. I've spent a frustrating two hours geting through the first area and thinking I was doing quite well, until I found three enemies together and they killed me while I was running around backwards looking at the ground. It's so frustrating - it looks gorgeous, and the story seems intriguing, but I just know I'll never put it on again. Nor buy the followup, nor buy the 360 version, nor buy anything on consoles from Crytek again.


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Anonymous said...

Personally I would like to see more console FPS games released with keyboard/mouse support.

I just find FPS games on console to much of a hassle.

Most consoles now come with USB ports.