Sunday, June 25, 2006

Games barbecue number 14

John cooks some very nice chicken.

I spent yesterday afternoon at John's, with Kieron, playing games. We played mostly on the DS, with a session on the Xbox thrown in the middle.

Yesterday morning I'd gone into Chips on Orpington High Street and had found them selling Big Brain Academy for £20. Big Brain Academy isn't actually released here until the 7th July - the Friday after next - and indeed it was the US version. I bought it.

So that was the first game we played. We competed at counting coins, recognising silhouettes, and memorising sound patterns. It shouldn't be fun, but it is. I won. Of course.

We also played Mario Kart DS (I didn't win but should have done), Tetris DS (I won in the mission mode, and really in the normal mode too, except that the game got it wrong), and Halo 2 (I didn't win, because I'm crap).

I got home very late and had to get up early this morning. That's not going to help my brain age.

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