Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories: killing the mayor

Frustrated by Prince of Persia, I put this in and remembered that I'd got to an annoying mission where you have to kill the mayor of the city, but he's running in the park and if you go in there with a weapon around 32,792 secret service people start shooting you.

I have found a most elegent solution. I went and stood by the mayor's cars, and used my flamethrower on them. They didn't explode, luckily - I suppose they're armoured and protected. Hmm, I should have stolen one. Anyway, apparently the mayor had been alerted and was making a run for it. Hmm, I wonder where to ...

Anyway, this led to a minute of comedy, with policeman after policeman and bodyguard after bodyguard running towards me and then falling over and dying. Eventually, the mayor turned up and died too. I left the cars to stop burning, then jumped over them, picked up his mobile, and ran back home as quick as my little legs would carry me.

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