Saturday, April 28, 2007

Canis Canem Edit: I like the redhead

There are, it seems, no blonde girls at Bullworth Academy. But the redhead is lovely.

I'm now 15.63% through the game (it helpfully tells me) and ... well, it's good. It's not amazingly great, but it's very playable, with a good sense of humour, and nicely put together. There are some annoying aspects, like the fact that the bully gang just tries to beat you up all the time, and when you first start seemingly nobody likes you at all. There's the rigid lesson structure, which at first I found a bit constraining but now it's actually suiting the game a lot more - partially because I've realised that trying to complete the lessons gives you more spare time in which to do the missions.

I also like the timed aspect - the way that Hallowe'en came around and there were special themed missions. I've no idea whether it would have stayed Hallowe'en until you completed those missions, mind - whether it's properly timed in terms of number of days played, or if it's based on mission completion rates. But anyway.

I've completed the chemistry and gym classes, and have unlocked the photography and workshop classes. I'm really bad at English - making words out of random letters (those who've played Scrabble against me in the past can confirm that) - and I've failed the last art class once, so it should be possible. Other than that I've run one errand into town, and lots of errands for nerdy type people. And I've got the redhead to snog me. Several times.

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