Friday, April 27, 2007

Pokémon Sapphire: it's raining!

Since Diamond and Pearl have just come out in the US, it won't be too long before Nintendo of Europe decides that they might want to think about starting to localise them. So I've gone back to Sapphire to try and actually get to the end of a pokémon game. It was a choice of this or LeafGreen, and LeafGreen is currently unaccessible .. and I still can't bear to face the final four again.

So, I picked up after beating Norman; five gym badges down. I've completed two more gyms now (one against bird pokémon and one against psychics), and chased Team Aqua around the world a bit. I've caught a Manectric, and he's great - his spark attack one-hit-kills loads of enemies. Combined with Gyrados's surf, and we're an unbeatable team. I've been around the safari park a bit, and caught some very odd pokémon. I've dived to the bottom of the ocean and found Team Aqua's hideout.

And then everything went funny. Team Aqua had a red orb; I had a blue one. It started to pour with rain. Everything flooded. Now I'm on the way to an undersea city where it still rains. Gulp.

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