Monday, April 30, 2007

Pokémon Sapphire: to the Pokémon League

Maybe not yet.

Sootopolis City gym offered little resistance to Manectric, with a little help from Gyrados and Kyogre, so I've now completed the gyms and can control any pokémon going. And I can walk up waterfalls, which apparently will be very useful in getting to the Pokémon League.

But I'm not going there yet. My pokédex stands at 80 owned, 126 seen, and there are some big gaps. I've been exploring the sea routes (some of which have changed since the storm, I think) and fighting the swimming trainers. Again, Manectric can take things down in one hit, but I've instead been using Gyrados in order to beef him up. Combusken had the Exp Share, and he evolved into Blaziken this morning.

As well as the sea routes, I've been exploring the sea bed. I've caught a few pokémon there, but at the moment I'm on the hunt for a relicanth. I've seen one a couple of times but both times was unable to catch it. It's pretty rare, it seems, and I'm having to fight loads of clamperls in my hunt.

Still, at least Gyrados (and Blaziken) are getting experience from it.

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