Monday, April 02, 2007

Sonic & the Secret Rings: following the pterodactyl

Onto Dinosaur Jungle now, which is a lovely stage with cacti everywhere and some strangely Starfox-Adventures-alike dinosaurs. Really pretty though, perhaps more so than the desert. I've still got qquite a few stages locked on both the tutorial level and Sand Oasis, but I'm going for the storyline now and will come back to those later.

The storyboarding is really well done - the artwork harks back to Sonics of old (not quite the chubby Sonic 1, more Sonic 3 era) and Sonic always looks better drawn in 2D. The story's really quite cliched and dreadful, to be honest, but that's hardly why I wanted the game in the first place ...

Am enjoying this indeed, whatever deKay may say.

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deKay said...

But how? It's all so, well, wrong. The two main killers are the hit-and-miss homing attack, and the stupid slow-down-to-jump mechanic.

It just isn't fun. At all. And I gave it a (more than fair) chance.