Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bangai-O Spirits: story and best completed!

There are three main modes in Bangai-O Spirits - the story mode, a group of levels called "Treasure's Best", and a larger bunch of levels which aren't quite as good. The categorisation works quite well.

The story mode acts as a tutorial to the rest of the game, although it gets quite hard towards the end, with quite funny and self-referential story segments interspersed. The reference to taking the game to the second-hand shop when it was finished was most amusing.

The Treasure's Best levels are quite shooty and action-packed. Some of them start with far too many enemies on screen, and an immediate need for a smart bomb. There's a load of slowdown, but it's not clear if that's on purpose or not. I'd guess it is, because on the rare occasion that I've managed a 100x4 (a hundred bullets, at four times the normal size), the screen's paused for a good second before restarting.

I'm still working through the puzzle levels, and I'm probably halfway through. Some take ages to complete; some are over in a couple of seconds. Some are great, others not so.

And I've not even tried to make my own levels yet ...

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