Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pokémon Pearl: j'ai Palkia

My quest up the mountain led me to Team Galactic summoning a legendary pokémon, Palkia. My long trip had left my pokémon weak, and when I was challenged by the two lackies, fighting alongside Jay, I only just defeated them. Luckily, Jay then healed my pokémon (why couldn't he do that in the first place?) before I took on the boss. He was tough, with pokémon around five levels stronger than mine, but I beat him and he ran off with his tail between his legs.

Palkia was sitting there. I healed up, and went to fight. Luxray hit with Thunder first, paralysing Palkia and taking off 25% of its energy. But a heavy hit left him with only 5HP left, and I switched to Infernape (killed in one hit, after throwing a Flame Wheel which caused virtually no damage) and then Gyrados. I threw one ultra ball, which Palkia escaped from, but he didn't kill Gyrados that time. I threw another ultra ball, and he didn't escape. I was amazed.

Maintenant, j'ai une pokémon legendaire.

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