Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hotel Dusk: Room 215: completed!

My hunch was partially right, partially wrong. It's a bit of an unsatisfying ending, really, with lots left up in the air, concerning Grace and Bradley and Evans. I almost wish I hadn't completed it, so that I could at least imagine that the ending was more final. Still, I suppose that it's more realistic this way. Life's not perfect.


Steve Jackson said...

Which ended did you get, who did you leave with? I left with Mila but was hoping for Iris.

Tim said...

There's more than one ending? I went off with Mila as well. I certainly can't be bothered to go back and play through it again for other endings!

Steve Jackson said...

So I've heard, yes. I think it depends on the amount of game overs you get, and how often you ask the wrong questions in conversations.

Some of the variants I've heard of are leaving with Louie, leaving alone, and simply drinking through the night chatting with Dunning. None of them sound compelling enough that I would play through it again though, not without a skip text button anyway!