Friday, April 04, 2014

999: fourth time through

Each time I've played the game, I've chosen a different route, and have now completed three games in which Junpei was killed.  The first, he was stabbed in the back.  The second, he discovered a note in a safe which meant that he discovered the true identity of Ace, was told that Zero had lost the game, and then was knocked out by a gas grenade - I suspect he was killed after that.  The third, he discovered a submarine, then found everyone else dead before being killed himself.  Each time I've learnt more about my compatriots, the the extent that now, on my fourth playthrough, where I seem to have chosen some good doors to go through, I can piece together exactly what happened nine years ago and who everyone is.  I think I'm close to the end of the game, and the amount of extra material I've had to go through on this playthrough indicates this might be the good ending.  I hope so - I'm not sure I can face another playthrough.

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