Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Euro Truck Simulator 2: get out of the way

My word, this is amusing.  I'm hopeless at it though - reversing into the spaces is just hilariously bad.  Cars seem to have a habit of driving into my side as well, meaning that each trip is earning me not much money.

On my first trip I made the mistake of discovering Birmingham.

Unfortunately I didn't blow it up.

My second delivery was to Swansea.  There were some horrifically narrow roads on the way there.

And some stupidly slow drivers.

I was glad to work out the key to flash my lights at everyone.

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Luffer said...

Oh, I love Euro Truck Simulator 2 so much! I've sunk many hours into that game, it's even better with my wheel and pedal set. Getting the hang of reversing was tricky, but now it's second nature. You basically need to re-train your brain!

I think this may well be the first game I play when the Oculous Rift is released. I can just imagine the sense of immersion already...

I'd like some of the cities to be larger, they are all very similar and just half a dozen roads. That's one area that feels lacking, but I love the way they've managed to keep roads like the M1, M25 etc.. feeling like they really are those roads even though the scale is drastically reduced. I detest driving on the M1 in Euro Truck just as much as I do in real life!