Thursday, June 30, 2005

World Championship Poker DS

Or "Annoying Animations and Random Decisions Poker". Luckily, the animations can be turned off. The poor AI can't. The computer seems to realise that it's playing for pretend money, and as a result doesn't really try too hard. It certainly doesn't learn from my decisions. It often makes no attempt to increase the betting amount when it's got an unbeatable hand, even by a small amount.

It's also really poor graphically - the cards look like they've been imported from a Game Boy Colour version, and the 3D models of the players are as ropey as a tall ship.

Yet it's still fun. There's a wealth of different types of poker game to play, and it can get very tense when you're betting loads on a relatively small hand. It's quite revealing, however, that the best bits about this game are actually the bits to do with real-life poker.

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