Sunday, June 29, 2008

Earth Defence Force 2017: they're spitting acid at us!

My brother came to visit last night, and for some reason among playing Samba de Amigo, FIFA 08, Beijing 2008, Ghost Squad and Virtua Tennis, I suggested we put on EDF2017. I bought it almost a year ago, and had never played it.

I wish I had. It is superb. Well, no, it's crap, in a funky skillo sort of way. It's the closest videogame I've ever seen to a B-movie, with giant ants and spiders, absurdly powerful weapons, and bad dialogue.

We played it for an hour and a half, until we turned it off and realised there was no autosave. And then we played it for two and a half hours more, frequently dying when we put it on harder difficulties in an attempt to gain better weapons. I think we've cleared around 4% of the game.


Steve said...

Indeed. It really shouldn't work, yet somehow it's a fantastically fun game. I can't recall, do you have a PS2? If so, please do yourself a favour and pick up the prequel game, Global Defence Force, as it's even better, with more levels, a greater variety of enemies, an alternative character to play as, and giant ants crawling all over Big Ben and the London Eye. It's completely bonkers.

Xexyz said...

I do indeed have a PS2, and in fact already have GDF too, again unplayed. Once my PS2 is set up again I shall have to try it out.

Steve said...

Well, if your 360 is indeed buggered, I hope it's not of course, then you have the perfect excuse now to get your PS2 connected up. As fun as EDF offers, I was amazed at just how much better GDF is, even on the occasions when the frame rates drops to almost nothing and PS2 is almost literally creaking under the strain. Saying that, if I recall correctly, the EDF doesn't perform much better on the 360, so if you've enjoyed that then it shouldn't be an issue for you with GDF.