Saturday, September 06, 2008

Rainbow Six Vegas: cooperation is correct

Kieron, John and I played through around a third of the game cooperatively on Thursday evening. Both John and I have completed it before, but it was Kieron's first time. He'd set himself up with a face using the camera, which was hilariously bad and looked like he had a comb-over. Most amusing.

At least when you're playing single-player, your teammates do what you tell them, and they don't press the wrong buttons. On a few occasions we worked out a cunning entry plan into the room, got ready ... and then one person went in early, or opened the wrong door, or even instead of opening the door, threw a grenade into the closed door which bounced off and killed someone else. I won't name names. Mainly because that last one was me.

It works really well, but that could be expected given that the single-player game effectively has two computer-controlled characters in it for most of the story. Oddly, the story and voiceovers appear to have been removed from the coop game, meaning that John and I had to tell Kieron what was going on ... which wasn't helped by the random order I'd picked levels in ...

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