Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Rocket League: not good for the heart

I have tried to play a number of PS4 games, but I find it difficult since as soon as I turn on my PS4 the Rocket League icon is sitting there.  To play anything else, I have to scroll past it.  I frequently don't.

It's a tense, exciting, thrilling game, played in short ten-minute installments, and I think I'm getting better at it, albeit slowly.  Last night there were a couple of games which I was particularly pleased with - including this one.


Lufferov said...

Honestly... that video reminds me of primary school football, with all the players running around the pitch chasing the ball. No tactics, no discipline, no formations, no teamwork. It just doesn't look like that much fun to me! Maybe I'm just odd, but I like a more structured tactical game that involves some level of cooperation. Also, it seemed scoring a goal is a lot more about luck that it is about the skill of the player!

Xexyz said...

You can play in a more structured way if you meet up as a team and use voice comms. Occasionally you come across a couple of randoms who know how to play as a team and then you can do really well. Playing ranked matches increases the chance of this.

I really want them to release this on PSVR.