Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Animal Crossing: Wild World: an update

I've not reported on this for a while, so here's the latest:
  • I bought 600,000bells worth of turnips and sold them for 2,800,000bells, so I paid off two mortgages and now have a six-room house.
  • Nibbles won the Bright Lights competition after I voted for her five times out of six - only because I like her and she bribed me, since all the lights were the same.
  • Baabara and Poncho have moved out, presumably to someone else's town.
  • I tried to hold a boot fair last night by putting loads of stuff I wanted rid of by the town gate, and opening it. Unfortunately, the connection crashed over and over again, meaning that nothing really came of it apart from a lot of frustration. I'll be trying again later in the week.
  • Nintendo left a message on my town notice board, and sent me a letter, apologising for not being in contact sooner. In their letter they made a mistake by confusing "to" with "too". Fools.

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