Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hotel Dusk: Room 215: chronological inconsistency

I'm on Chapter 6 now, and have tied up a few storylines - Martin Summer's deception, and Jeff Angel/Damon. The game still feels a little contrived in places, with Kyle being interested in really off things that don't matter. And I can't see why he has an issue with Iris. I certainly don't.

It's pretty well scripted, though the fact that you can't skip the text forward really annoys. It scrolls just a bit too slow, and tapping the screen or pushing in the d-pad does nothing. As a result, conversations seem a little too long-winded, even when they're not. There's one iffy bit that just sticks out:
  • Helen stayed at the hotel ten years ago, and not since.
  • Dunning bought the hotel five years ago.
  • Rosa was hired by Dunning some time after this.
  • Rosa claims to have spoken to Helen last time she was at the hotel.
Maybe I'm being too clever for my own good and this'll be explained later. We'll see ...

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deKay said...

If I was playing this (and why the hell am I not?), I'd be itching for an OBJECTION! button after realising that.