Friday, March 30, 2007

Theme Park: no blurgh yet

The DS has been out for over two years now. How can it possibly have taken this long for EA to realise the potential of releasing Theme Park for it? It's an obvious application for using the stylus and twin screens. It's be really hard for it to go wrong, you'd think.

And you'd be right.

This is the best version of Theme Park ever made. Everything's just so intuitive. You can see the stats for all the rides on one screen while still seeing what's around the ride on the other screen. You can just drag the stylus across the screen to lay a path and a queue. Setting the handyman's zones is really simple, something which always seemed a chore before. You can instantly see what your visitors are thinnking by tapping them. Tapping your mechanics makes them work faster!

I went through the tutorial first, and didn't have to be told how to do what was being asked of me. It just all works. And it works on the train, or even on the sofa while watching something on TV.

I've not made anyone vomit yet. But given the amount of litter on the ground, it can't be far off.

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