Sunday, March 04, 2007

King Kong: hear me roar

It's really odd that I seem to be able to control this almost OK. Even when it comes to running around firing, I'm only slightly inept. Able enough to get through, in any case.

I seem to have died quite a lot, but luckily deaths don't put you back too far. It's an enjoyable game, with a good mix of action and puzzly bits. One part in particular had me confused for ages. There was a door and I had to find two levers to open it. In front of the door was a clearing, in which two dinosaurs were eating. I had to lure the dinosaurs away by throwing dead meat one way, then run through where they'd moved from to set fire to some bushes to find one of the levers. The other lever was covered by spiders which, again, I had to lure away by spearing a giant fly and throwing it to the other side of the room.

I've also played as Kong, chasing Ann through the jungle and fighting dinosaurs and big flying bat things. He's in third-person and it's much easier to control him.

29% done now.

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