Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pokémon Pearl: one-hit wonders

The third gym turned out to be not the gym I thought it was. That gym leader's still missing. Instead, it was run by a young girl who specialises in fighting pokémon, which would normally involve some vicious battles except for my level-30 Kadabra, who killed every opponent in one hit using psywave. For once I earnt the ability to use an HM before I had the HM itself, but that was soon rectified with a trip to the Team Galactic warehouse, where I got hold of Fly.

And then realised I had no pokémon capable of learning it. So I've now added Staravia to my lineup, replacing Happiny who had grown to level 20 and still not evolved. I suspect she'll need a moonstone or something like that.

I've flown back to visit my mum, then went to Jubilife City to go to the global trading place. I've put on offer my Misdreavus, because I know I can go and get another one of those but Diamond players can't. We'll see what turns up.

Then on this morning's train, on my brand new DS Lite, I've found the big Pokémon Mansion, and am trying to get inside while being thwarted by rich boys and ladies. Not very ladylike if you ask me.

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