Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Unfinished Swan: completed!

Indeed, I've completed the game - and found the balloons and stories and everything.

Once visual structure has been added to the world, it's much quicker to progress.  The third level is based around darkness, where once again you have to feel around the levels, but there's always a visual clue with a light in the distance.  You are attacked in the darkness if you stay there too long, and a large part of the level sees you pushing around (and staying close to) a lit ball.

And then the king's house, where stepping into the easel lets you create platforms which then appear in the real world - a genius idea.  Creating blocks and throwing them in the air was great fun.  By the time I reached the fourth chapter, I was feeling sorry for the king - all alone after his wife had left.

And then I met him and found he was a simple old man who just had big dreams.  I was a bit confused to start with, as it appeared that the king was actually Monroe grown up, but then it appears that Monroe is the king's son, or at least is in Monroe's dream.  Or was it the king's dream?  We shall never know.

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