Sunday, January 22, 2006

Animal Crossing: Wild World: Yay Day

Joan was selling turnips for 110b each this morning. I bought some through gritted teeth - 810 in total - and have stored them outside my house. I hope nobody steals them.

Today is Yay Day, where you have to compliment everyone. it started off well, with Nibbles appreciating my compliment of "cute cheeks", and Bones being extatic about being told he has a "nice shirt", but the game failed to recognise the non-complimentary nature of what I said to Gabi - I don't think "horrific acne" is what every girl would love to hear, actually. Bill had a "shiny beak", and Gwen had "overkill eyeliner". Well, "overkill eyeline", since I ran out of letters.

I also have some orange pansies. They've grown between a bunch of yellow pansies and a bunch of red pansies. Flower breeding is a new concept.

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