Saturday, January 21, 2006

Mario Kart Dual Swearing

After lunch, we broke the "not played" rule and played some Mario Kart DS, single-cart multiplayer. Matt was a great fan of the SNES game, apparently, and he seemed to really love the DS update. With the exception of the blue shell, of course.

I was impressed with the way that the single-cart system works. Tracks were downloaded really quickly, and there wasn't too long a wait in the first place. Matt was restricted to playing as Shy Guy, but I could choose any kart and character I wished.

Matt claimed that I chose an unfairly fast character and kart, of course. But I didn't - Luigi and his standard kart hardly set the world on fire.

We had to stop playing in the end because my DS battery started to drain - red flashing lights are a bad sign. Maybe I shouldn't have spent so much of Friday night online in Animal Crossing. Oh well.

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