Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tony Hawk's American Sk8land: story mode: completed!

I've completed the story mode of this tonight, and I've enjoyed it. It's relatively simple, with you having to travel around areas and find people who'll give you some money to perform a certain trick or sequence. You only have to complete a few of these before the pro turns up and challenges you to something a little harder - but completist I am, I was clearing each stage of challenges before talking to the pro.

The final challenge was set by Tony Hawk himself, and was to do a 900° Japan - erm, a spin in the air holding onto the board. I managed it on my second try - you just had to jump high enough. There were some much more tricky challenges in the game than that ...

Anyway, I've now started playing the classic mode, which is a little more tricky. The challenges are all given to you at the start and you have two minutes to do as many as you can. Some are easy, some less so; I've now got past the first level (10/10 challenges completed) and am exploring the second.

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