Saturday, January 21, 2006

Nintendogs: Sammi and Baby Gee

Gaby got a pink DS and Nintendogs for Christmas, and she wanted to link up to see what happened. First, however, I had to feed and water Sammi, and give her a bath to stop the fleas jumping off of her. Animal Crossing has a lot to answer for.

We put our DSes into bark mode, and they both barked soon after. "Baby Gee" had brought Megan to play. While Megan was active and bouncy, she didn't like to play with the ball, or the frisbee, or the bone, or the skipping rope. In fact, she was rather boring.

Multiplayer has no interaction, other than seeing how the other person has trained their dog. You both get to play independently with the dogs, and obviously you can't give the visiting dog voice commands since they won't recognise you. It's rather limited, really, but endearing. It's a shame that you can't really expect people on the tube to have their DS set to bark mode, however ...

Still, at least the kennel now has some shi tzu puppies in, if I ever decide to get another one.

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