Monday, March 27, 2006

Burnout Legends: opening up the coupe class

Not only have I completed the compact class, but I've also completed the muscle class. There were a few tricky events in the muscle class, including a Road Rage event where I just couldn't take out enough opposition without ruining my car. In particular, the track went under an elevated roadway, and there were pillars everywhere, which I kept hitting.

In the end I got a silver - I think I've got mostly gold with three silvers over all events. That'll do for me.

I've also played a few more crash events. I think my favourite has to be "Jackknife Junction", where I managed to hit a car so it bounced back and forth across the road taking out anything that drove near it, including six lorries.

I've completed 18% of the game. It's rather good.

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