Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Turnabout Goodbyes

Rather a long and complicated case, but I liked the way it drew in stuff from everything before and filled out the backstory for the whole game. Good twist at the end as well. Again, not giving too much away, some points:
  • The young Miles Edgeworth and his bow tie were amusing
  • Some of the dialogue is very melodramatic - especially from Larry Butz
  • Maya gets on my nerves rather a lot
  • A stun gun? Hmm
  • Whoooooooooop!
I'll move onto the fifth case at some point soon but I think I want to play something else first.


Anonymous said...

Larry Butz?

Has he got a brother called Seymore? ;oP

Tim said...

I think the level of humour in this game's going to be just right for you ...