Friday, March 10, 2006

Pokémon Sapphire: Norman stormed

My dad is defeated. He had some nasty level 30-odd pokémon, which used a move called facade which took my energy down pretty quickly. Only three of my pokémon were actually effective - Kiria, Combusken and Gyrados - since the other three were, and are, too low a level. I'll have to go around levelling them up a bit.

The fight was a bit tense though. It didn't help that Norman used hyper potion on each of his pokémon just as I was about to defeat them each time. I defeated his first two pokémon after a while, and took his last Slaking down to very little health. Then he healed, and hit my Gyrados with facade, taking me down to six health.

Slaking can only attack every other turn. I used dragon rage, and had a critical hit - I knocked around two-thirds of his energy off. Slaking lazed around.

I used dragon rage again. Slaking was left with one pixel of energy. I had no other pokémon left, and Slaking was about to kill Gyrados I was about to lose.

And then Slaking used tackle. And missed.

Gyrados, use strength! Bish bash bosh. Down he goes. That'll be you defeated, Mr Dad.

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