Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pro Evolution Soccer 5

It's virtually identical to the home console versions.

This is mainly a good thing. The game plays really well, and there's very little slowdown other than in cutscenes where it doesn't really affect gameplay. It's as hard as ever to score, and it does reward passing and building up play. It even works OK with the analouge nub - maybe I'm just getting used to it now. It's mising a few play modes - only one league is available, and the number of teams is cut down - but the basics are there.

But they really ought to have thought about how the game should be redesigned. They've left in all the videos, the cutscenes, the elaborate menus ... all the things that mean it takes a good couple of minutes to get into a game, past all the loading sections. It loads an introductory cutscene for 20 seconds; I press X as soon as it appears; it then goes to load in the game.

Worth waiting for though. It's great to play.

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