Sunday, August 12, 2007

Crackdown: completed!

Completed to an extent, anyway. I'm now rid of all three gangs, and the city is quiet. I've maxed out three of the skill types, and I've seen the end cinematic, which includes a completely obvious twist. Of course, now that I've cleared all the gangs it's not going to be that easy to gain extra points - you get loads of driving points for running over gang members compared to doing stunts, for example - but I believe there's a way of turning the gang members back on so I can fill the driving and explosives meters. I'll get around to that soon.

The last boss was great fun. He was off on an oil rig, which I swam out to rather than going through the obvious path. I then climbed up on the outside, as much as possible, avoiding other enemies, and found him on his own at the very top of the platform. I beat him up, maxing out my strenght meter in the process, and that was it.

Really great game.

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