Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pokémon Pearl: going the long way around

I put some honey on a tree, then went into Eterna City. The bicycle shop owner had been taken into the Team Galactic building, but the entrance was blocked by trees - so I went down to the gym instead. All plant/grass pokémon, which crumbled before the might of Monferno. I then learnt to use cut outside of battles, went to the Team Galactic building, rescued the bike shop owner, then went and got a bike.

Then I wanted to go back and check my tree, but someone kept on blocking me from going back along the path. I had to instead go all the way down cycling road, to Mount Coronet, then West and North to go back up to the Valley Windworks. I didn't mean to go there, actually, but I got lost ...

Lucky I did, in fact, because outside the windworks was Drifloon, who appears once a week according to someone just down the path. Huzzah!

Seen 45, caught 26.

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