Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crackdown: the Kaiser Chiefs are correct

I'm still playing this, having now completed it twice. The cooperative mode is amazing, and I've spent ages with Kieron providing cover for him killing the deputies and collecting orbs. It's very funny being able to jump four times higher than him, and having to work out elaborate routes for him to scale buildings while I can just jump up them.

I've recently found out about the way that you can just plug in an iPod via USB, and then stream music from that as background music in games. It's great. I had just killed Garcia, and all the remaining Los Muertos members were congregating by the funfair ... and I Predict a Riot started to play.



rik said...

Hey, Tim.
Add me for some co-op Crackdown or Gears. GamerTag: Kaede Smith

Tim said...

Added you ... though I've been playing other things of late ...