Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pokémon Pearl: up the Lost Tower

I've found the third gym, but not the third gym leader. The man in the gym is no help - he just says I need to go other places first. So I am doing so. I've put a keystone in a well-type thing, and found the lost tower, inside which I caught a ghastly. I've found some ruins and caught two unowns - they're different shapes but I don't know if that's important or not. Inside the ruins are odd stones which look like they do something but I have no idea what; there's also odd writing on the wall, so I'm now looking for somthing to translate it.

I got distracted, though, by two things. Firstly, the local newspaper needed me to find a kricketune, before the end of the day. I assumed they wanted one to keep, so I went off into the wild to find one (rather than given them mine), and after a few fights one turned up. I reduced his energy to virtually nothing, put him to sleep, and threw ball after ball - and he kept on escaping. I ran out of balls in the end. Over the course of my train journey I encountered five kricketunes, and must have used at least 30 balls of varying kinds trying to catch one, before I finally managed it. I went to the pokémon centre and carefully stored my kricketune away, so I was left only with the newly captured one (which I'd named Paininarse). I then went to the newspaper and they just looked at Paininarse and didn't take it off of me. They just gave me three great balls instead.


The other thing that distracted me was that I was running in a patch of grass and a wild chansey appeared. I failed to capture him, though, because Luxio chose that time to have a critical hit with fury swipes. So I've been running around in the same piece of grass, encountering ponyta and kricketune over and over again, in the hope that a chancey will appear again.

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