Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pokémon Pearl: where's the department store?

I've just got my sixth badge, after quite a tricky trainer battle. Gyrados is now up to level 29, and the gym leader had three pokémon, the last of which was at level 39. Gyrados's moves were still the most effective I had though - surf and dragon rage hit him hard.

After the battle I met Rowan and there was a big explosion - I was sent off to Lake Valor where I found Team Galactic having drained the lake and magikarp flopping around everywhere. After a few battles against the team members, I decided to go and buy some healing things because I used a few in the gym battle. The best healing things are, of course, the lemonade cans from the department store roof, in terms of healing power per cost.

I couldn't remember where the department store was.

I flew to every city on the map, other than Veilstone because that was really distinctive in the way it was built on levels out of the rock, and I was sure the department store wasn't there. I searched everywhere.

And eventually tried Veilstone out of desperation, and found the department store.


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Mufctid davies said...

Its in the city were you fight gym leader fantina