Monday, February 05, 2007

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: completed!

The final dungeon - Ganon's castle - wasn't that difficult, really. There were six distinct rooms, and in the second I found the golden gauntlets, which let me pick up massive things. Given this, I thought I'd go and find stuff I'd missed.

I was sure I'd seen massive rocks near the desert colossus and in the Gerudo fortress, but I was wrong. While I was in the desert, though, I did find a great fairy fountain and got given Nairu's Love, a protective spell. And in the Gerudo fortress I found a big block that I hadn't pushed, and more importantly a gap in the ceiling which gave me the last small key and the path to the ice arrows.

There was a massive rock on the outside of Ganon's castle, blocking another great fairy fountain - this one gave me boosted defense, reducing the harm enemies' attacks did me by half - and there were two inside, one in the fire room and one blocking the entrance to the light room.

After completing the six rooms, firing a light arrow into the orb in each one, I climbed the tower, beating lizards and skeletons and big armoured knights on the way up. And then I met Ganondorf.

Good storyline. Ganondorf has the triforce of power, and was sat there playing an organ. I don't know you, but playing an organ just identifies the person as evil. Zelda was floating above the organ. Poor girl. It wasn't even a good song.

Then the organ and Zelda disappeared, and Ganon started throwing balls of energy at me. I pretty quickly caught on the the fact that this was just like the Phantom Ganon battle, and hit then back at him. All this seemed to do was stun him, though. It wasn't until the third time I did it that I realised that the light arrows then shot him out of the sky, and I could go over and beat him up properly.

That took a while - with a break halfway through when I ran out of magic power and had to fall down a big gap to find some bottles in jars - and then he went down. And the castle started to collapse. A timed race out, with enemies on the way that stop progress until you've killed them. Great!

I got out within the three minutes, and Zelda told me it was all over - the big fat liar. A big bang from the ruined castle, and there was Ganon, big and ugly. He took a few swipes at me and the Master Sword went flying outside the ring of fire that had sprung up.

Luckily, Ganon was rather slow, and I quickly realised that I could get behind him and his tail was identified as a target. The hammer hit him, and after a few blows he went down. I ran over and got the Master Sword, and repeated it - though he was faster this time, so I stunned him with the light arrows first, then ran behind and slashed away. After a few hits, he went down again. Zelda held him down using her magical powers, and I delivered the final blow ...

... not quite as good as the final blow in The Wind Waker, but still impressive ...

... and that was it.

Great game.

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