Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tomb Raider Legend: England

Coincidentally, a King Arthur museum was built on top of King Arthur's actual grave. Shock! The run-down museum was a great setting for the start of this level, with interactive displays in a state of decay telling you all about the Arthurian legend. I can understand the point of the game's subtitle now - it's regarding the fact that the same legend exists all over the world, with swords in stones and round daises (yes, that is the plural, I've checked!) and magic and mystical swords. Excalibur in this case. This was revealed through the narration provided by Lara's helpers sitting in the van outside. Ever helpful.

The level itself was pretty varied. After climbing down below the collapsed floor, I got to shift some boxes around with a fork-lift truck, drive the fork-lift through some shooty spear bits (breaking them in the process) and ram a wall to break it. Then I had to make my way down a staircase where half the steps had already fallen down and the rest were crumbing. I had to use some boxes to get through spinny blades of death by jamming them, then use the same boxes to climb over some fire. In the end, after surfing on some coffins, I found a massive underground temple, and inside ...

King Arthur. No, really him.

In order to get the sword which was encased with Arthur in a piece of Amber, I had to ring a bell. The bell was on the ground. I had to move half a tomb to next to a broken pillar, then get a chandelier swinging, climb up into the pillar and then jump onto a counterweight to raise the bell up. It took ages to work that out. After all that, the door opened and there was a big monster outside. My support outside has gone dead - I suspect others have turned up.

The big monster killed me. Next time, I shall kill it.

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