Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tomb Raider Legend: Peru, Japan and Ghana

I finished in Peru, finding another dais and information about the civilisation that had lived there. Then I went to Tokyo to meet with a yakuza boss, in order to get part of the sword that Rutland had. This level took place at a cocktail party, which was a pleasant change of scenery. I met with and defeated the boss, then was sent to Ghana where Rutland was seen to be heading. Found my way through to the end of the level and killed him, but not before he revealed that Amanda was still alive. So I'm off to Kazakhstan to find her.

I'm really enjoying this. It's a really pretty game, and you get to absorb all of that when looking around for the path to the next checkpoint. There are some small invisible walls, unfortunately - stopping you walking all the way along a clifftop, for example, but generally it's well structured. It's a shame that Lara can apparently run through plants without touching them.

It reminds me of a slightly slower-paced Prince of Persia. Lara's not quite as athletic - she can't jump as high, not run along walls and so on - but the basic idea of working out a route is the same.

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