Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tomb Raider Legend: completed!

I killed the big monster, and then got out of the crypt despite being shot at by lots of gunmen. On the way I found a gold reward - my first, I believe. A short trip to Croft Manor, and then I was off to Nepal. While the story's a little bit convoluted, I felt a little sad for Lara having to go back to the plane crash which she lived through when she was 9. Nepal was quite a short level really, though it wasn't too straightforward - one section in particular had me wishing for a Prince-of-Persia-style time rewind function. Having to jump off of four slides in succession isn't easy.

So, I completed Nepal and found Lara's mum's brooch, which turned out to be the key to fitting Excalibur back together. It wouldn't fit into the stone in Nepal, however, so I had to go back to Bolivia. Not really a level, more a final fight. It was made all the more difficult since I only had Excalibur, no guns, and I couldn't get the hang of using the magic it threw out. Luckily I found a gun emplacement which made my job easier. And then onto the final boss, Amanda in her demonic form.

She died, I pushed the sword into the stone, I saw Lara's mum on the other side of a portal, and then Amanda told us that Lara's mum wasn't dead, she'd gone to Avalon. And that was the end of the game.

I did some more exploring in Croft Manor afterwards, and found a series of inscriptions ... which led me to the gold reward. I think my save file says 90% now ... I've not done any levels as a time trial, or collected all the rewards. I may well do so at some point, since this is an excellent game.

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